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A Blustery Morning

A Blustery Morning

Sunday morning…I was a bit reluctant to start my canopy sitting, in great part due to the wind and mist that was blowing around.   Somehow the weather felt more like the “temporal” season that we get in September and October, instead of the nice sunny rainy season mornings that we usually get in May.   The other reason I was moving slow is that there is something psychological about Sundays… it is not a morning that you´re supposed to rush around on.

By 9:00 am I was set up, not on a platform, like many of the tree sitters, but on a hammock, in the “Rainbow Tree”.  The Rainbow Tree is actually a Strangler Fig Tree that had partially fallen many years ago.  Instead of being up rooted and dying when it fell, the Rainbow Tree took root to continue growing , creating a tree like a rainbow.   As a child, growing up in Monteverde, the Rainbow Tree was often a converted to a tree house, pirate ship or robber’s den, depending on the games that I played with my brothers.  Of course it was a logical choice for my tree sitting.

The weather encouraged me to prepare with two blankets, a mug of very hot chocolate, a warm jacket and a good book.  My dog, Osa, also decided to brave the elements and keep me company for the morning.   Once I got settled in the hammock I figured I would immediately be engrossed in my book.  What I didn´t count on was being distracted by the wonderful silence prevalent in the forest.  Although it was practically raining outside of the forest, under my haven of the canopy and the Rainbow Tree there was only a light, gentle mist falling.  Because of the precipitation, and the lateness of the hour, the birds were completely silent.  The cloud cover and the canopy helped filter the light, to create a mystical, fairy tale atmosphere, with a gentle deep silence.   The silence was only occasionally interrupted by Osa, when she settled to find a more comfortable place to nap, below me on the forest floor.

It is hard to describe the forest when it is completely silent.   Usually the forest is full of creatures, large and small, that make a myriad of different noises-bumps, chirps, squeaks and squaks.  When all the chitter-chatter of the forest animals quiets down, the forest becomes a different place, a magical place conducive to reflection, meditation and peaceful thoughts.   This is the atmosphere I spent my four hours in.  I did end up reading, from time to time, and spent other moments in reflection and mediation.

Sarah Stuckey


La Familia Castillo Moreira aporta 3 pinturas a la subasta

Vista del arbol, Tarcicio Castillo, 2011, precio base $60

Tarcicio Castillo y Marianela Moreira pasaron varias horas pintando en la plataforma arriba el domingo en la mañana.  Aqui estan sus obras que ya estan ofreciendo en la subasta de arte.

Vista de arriba, Marianela Moreira, 2011, acuarela, precio base $60

Su hija,  Huarya esta en el octovo grado.  Igual que sus padres, es una gran artista.  Ella subió un arbol en la escuela (ver “7th and 8th graders rise with ropes and jumars) y luego pasaba la noche en la plataforma Joyce/VanDusen. Su pintura abajo tambien esta en la subasta.

Begonia, Huayra Castillo, (grade 8), 2011, base price $60

Fix carbon, preserve wildlife and educate children with one donation!

Ocotea whitei sembrado en 2007

Growing trees and educating children both require plenty of tender loving care over many years.  For each $5 that you give to  “Nurturing Trees and Kids”,  $1 will pay for a tree seedling native to Monteverde, ready to be planted and $4 will go to scholarships for  Monteverde Friends School and MFUS University scholarship students.  Parents, students and others in the Monteverde community will take good care of these trees so that  they will grow to fix carbon, provide wildlife habitat and make our planet a more beautiful, healthy place.

For how to donate, click on “donate” on the menu bar. Be sure you specify “Trees and Kids” with your contribution.  Thank you!

Tarjetas de Joan Martha a subastar

8 Tarjetas hecha por Joan Martha, mostradas aqui en la dirreción de las manillas del reloj: "In the Bullpen, Monteverde", "Rio Shanti", "El Bosque Monteverde", "Cielo Azul". Tenemos 3 juegos de 8 tarjetas. Precio base para cada juego: ¢5000. Las tres ofertas más altas las van a ganar.

Three new paintings up for auction

One given by Roberto Wesson:

untitled, Roberto Wesson, oil on canvas, base price $60

and two from Meg Wallace:

Will be named once it is id'd, Meg Wallace, watercolor on canvas, 36 x 45 cm, includes frame, base price $60

Red tropicbird, Meg Wallace, 2006, watercolor on canvas, 27 x 41, framed, base price $60.

Place your bids on the art auction page!

Helena Guindon’s painting up for auction!

¿Vendrán las lluvias?

¿Vendrán las lluvias?/Will the Rains Come?, Helena Guindon, 2009, acrylic, 31 x 20 cm, base price $80.

Helena’s painting “¿Vendrán las lluvias?” arrives with the rains.  For those of you not in Monteverde, it started raining here before dawn this morning.  Is this a temporal?  the beginning of rainy season?

To bid on Helena’s painting, go to Art Auction on the menu bar.

Looking down from a tree top behind the school –

Since last July, many people have honored the life of Andy Walker by giving to a memorial fund in her name at the school.  These generous people are listed under Progress: Thank you in the menu bar, along with others who have given recently to different MFS and MFUS funds.  Andy’s family, the school and the Friends Meeting agreed to use the money to improve the playing field behind the school.  For many years it has been a dream of the school community to level the field, with plenty of drainage and resilient grass.  At last, because of all those donors who loved Andy, this is happening!  We will continue to post photos so you can see the transformation.

Bertalia Rodriguez and Patricia Jimenez have donated paintings for auction!

Watercolor by Bertalía Rodriguez. 19.5 by 14" w/out the matting. Includes frame if you want it. Base price $60.

Acrylic painting by Patricia Jiménez, 2011. Base price $60

A Sarah Dowell Watercolor Up for Auction!

Below the Canopy, Sarah Dowell, watercolor, base price $60

Place your bid on the Art Auction page.

The paint is still wet on this painting by Paul Smith.

Paul Smith painted the school just for this 60th anniversary in the canopy art auction. It is so fresh, the paint has yet to dry! It has one bid for $60. If you want to bid go to Art Auction in the menu bar.