The most adventurous climber

You probably recognize these photos.

Yes, they are of Benito Guindon walking the annual Friends School Walkathon. Our readers by now may assume that all Monteverdeans are as adventurous as Benito. However, we want to clarify that Benito is the only one to walk the 12.5 km of the Walkathon on stilts.

So you won’t be surprised to hear that Beni has yet again outdone himself! He has contributed 32 hours to the canopy sit perched at the top of this tree on his farm!!! We don’t have an estimate for the height of the tree, but you’d probably rather not know.

This tree is also famous for a rope swing that has drawn many MFS students! But, how did Benito get up and manage to set up that hammock in the tree’s “cucurucho”, as Costa Ricans would say?

Our scheduler Daniel tried it out for himself.

We urge everyone to not attempt to climb this tree. It is highly dangerous, no pun intended.


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