Thank You

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to those who have recently given to Monteverde Friends US or to the Monteverde Friends School! If you know of a donor that is not listed here that should be, please accept our apologies and send us their name at so that we can add them.  We are updating this list almost daily!

Thank you to those who gave to Monteverde Friends 60th Anniversary in the Canopy Campaign! (Donations for the general fund or scholarships received in April and May 2011 have all been put toward this campaign.)

Jamie and Mike Aikin

Erin Ashley

Willy Bach and Rowan Eisner

Ada Martinez Betancourt

Nancy Bellusci

John Blount

Emily Boardman

John and Nancy Bower

Christine Braun

Jude Gladstone Cade and Theo Cade

Xinia Camacho

Martha Campbell

Shelly Carlson

Kay Chornook

Chunches/Deb Hamilton

David Clement

Susan Rachel Condon

Bill Crooks

Mike and Janet Crump

Delaware Friends Meeting

Martha Dixon

Thom Dixon and Kimbra Rockwell

Susan Eastman

Beth Edelstein

Exxon Mobile Retiree Matching Gift Programs

Josiah Ferguson

Heather Ferguson and Annika Fjelstad

Johanna Franzel

Beth Gay

Heather Gosse and Jonathan Ogle

Holly Gosse

Andrew Gould

Carlos Guindon

Melody Guindon

Wolf and Lucky Guindon

Jean Harrison

David Hendricks and Lorraine McKenna-Hendricks

Elizabeth Hostler

Bob and Margie Howe

Tom Howell

Risë Hunter

Kay Jenkins

Ngina Johnson

Francis Joyce

Frank Joyce Jr.

Frank Joyce Sr.

Helen Joyce

Richard Joyce

Ward Kane and Moira Thiele

John Kelley and Lisa Van Dusen

Paige King

Rick and Kim Korinek

Marcy and Bob Lawton

Andrew Leach and Jennifer Sweeten

Julie Leader and James Safranek

AA Leath

Jen Lindstrom

Molly Magavern

Timothy Mahan

Adair Mali and Antonio Guindon

Kenna Manos

Gabriela McAdam

Rolando McAdam

Mac and Lissa McBurney

John McKinstry and Nancy Crickman

Cathie Mellon

Rick Mera and Jannelle Wilkins

Sam Merrill

Jessica Miller

Sonia Montiel

Martha Moss

Microsoft Corporation

Monteverde Whole Foods

Hector Muñoz Murillo

Nalini Nadkarni and Jack, August and Erika Longino

David Neely

Lynsey Newman and Ross Smith

Susie Newswanger

Sean O’Donnell

Noelia Solano Guindon

Sarah Sue Pennell

Pine River Friends Meeting

Julie Pokrandt

Eva Robbins

John Rockwell

Mary Rockwell

Jenny Rowe and Nat Scrimshaw

Layne Rowe

Gina Russo

Barbara Safranek

Nicole Safranek

Tim Sales and Murtha Derr

Michael Schaefer

Donna Scholtz

Gretchen Scholtz

Dawn Smith

Emma Smith

Jim Standley and Wendy Rockwell

Matt Stuckey

Roy Joe and Ruth Stuckey

Sarah Stuckey and Carlos Araya

Yuri Suárez

John Speciale

Whitney Suttell

John and Sue Trostle

Un Lote de Yuca

Barbara C. Van Dusen

Katy VanDusen

Daniel Vargas

Rita Vargas

Wendy Wadsworth and Frances Stewart

Kim Wagner

Tricia Wagner

Sandra Walker

James Warren

H. Alan Weisel

Carlos Wolff

Wayne Young


Thank you to Monteverde Artists who have donated art for the Monteverde 60th Art Auction:

Tarcicio Castillo (highest bid Lynore Soffer)

Huayra Castillo Moreira (still available… Let us know if you are interested!)

Sarah Dowell (highest bid by Colin Yarnell)

Helena Guindon (highest bid by Martha Campbell)

Lucky Guindon (highest bid by Stephen Yarnell)

Patricia Jiménez (Holly Gosse)

Joan Martha (highest bid by  Lissa and Mac McBurney, Lynsey Newman)

Marianela Moreira (Still available.  Let us know if you are interested!)

Marie Chantal Nadeau (highest bid by Sonia Montiel)

Bertalía Rodríguez (highest bid by Harriet and Dev Joslin)

Susana Salas and Bob Carlson (highest bid by Sarah Stuckey)

Paul Smith (highest bid by Lynsey Newman)

Stella Wallace (highest bid by Marco Wallace)

Meg Wallace (higest bids by Elias and Mary Newswanger and Marco Wallace)

Roberto Wesson (highest bid by Selena Avendano)


Thanks to these people and organizations who have given to the Monteverde Friends School General, Scholarship, Building, Science and Endowment Funds since the November 2010 Monteverde Friends US annual MFS appeal:

Paul Angell

Constance Archibald

Kay Bacon

Eleanora Baird

Dan Baum and Margaret Knox

Michael and Joan Bell

Marianne Bender

Wendy Benner

Daniel Boehm

Roberta Bothwell

Michael and Janet Brandt

Shari Brink

Mona Bryan

Leslie Burlingame

Jude Gladstone Cade and Theo Cade

Camden Monthly Meeting of Friends

George Campbell and Mary Barkalow

Mary Campbell

Ann Carr

Norris and Usha Childs

Marnie Cobbs and Dennis Sullivan

Barbara Coleman

Raymond Collins

Mary Collet

Roger and Shirley Conant

Esther Cope

Bruce and Rebecca Copeland

Costa Rica Study Tours

Spencer and Elize Coxe

Malcolm and Elaine Crooks

Roland Daniel

Jessica Dawson

Dana Dixon

Sarah Dowell

Michael and Linda Dunn

Beth Edelstein

Nancy and Steven Edwards

Susan Edwards

Klaus and Joyce Eppler

Bill and Phyllis Evans

Exxon Mobile Matching Gift Programs

Carol Evans

John Evans

Richard Fairfield

Fairhope Friends Meeting

David Fendel

Heather Ferguson and Annika Fjelstad

Steven Fick

George Floro

James Forrest

Tom and Florrie Forrest

Patricia Frannea

William and Susan Frost

Paula and Ron Gardner

Thomas Getz

Patricia and Edward Gilbert

Sarah Gillett and Beth Wheat

Jane Goldthwaite

Jacqueline Gordon

Grand Rapids Friends Meeting

Kat Griffith and Soren Hauge

Brad and Priscilla Hathaway

Anne Hay

Walter and Twyla Hay

Diane Hayes

Virginia and Mildred Henderson

David Hendricks

Barry Heerman

Elaine Hinshaw

Seth Hinshaw

Claire Hirshi

Mamoru Hitomi

Arlene Hobbs

Paul Holloway

Brenda and Dave Hollweger

Karen Horton and John Roberts

Rebecca Howarth

Bill and Alice Howenstine

Susan Hughes

Ron and Judith Inskeep

Iowa Yearly Meeting

Joyce Johnson

Ralph and Ruth Johnson

Bryan and Kate Joslin

Dev and Harriet Joslin

Frank Joyce Sr.

Artie and Cathy Karp

Bob and Sheila Kelly

Judith Keogh

David King

Robin Kropp and Russ Scott

Vic and Sheila Kryston

Russell Kumai and Carol Cameron

David Laird and Helen Ingram

John Lang

Alison Larson

Lars and Kate Larson

Roe Laserow

Eunice Laughlin

Shirley LeSeur

Carol Letson

Margaret, David and Alissa Levine

Barbara Lewis

Jen Lindstrom

John Longino and Nalini Nadkarni

Molly Magavern and Mark Reinhardt

Theodore Malek and Patricia Fritzsche

Barbara Mann

Marianna Markowetz

Barbara Barus Marshall

Bob and Joy Marshall

Philip Martens

Teri Matelson

Stanely McCracken

Jean McClelland

Harriett McCurdy

Jessica Miller

Tom Miller

Linda Moller

Geraldine Morelli

Willard Morgan and Jenn Barton

Jennifer Morris

Fred Morrison and Laurie Sanders

Jane and Alan Mountjoy-Venning

Barbara Myers

Jeanne Nash

Lynsey Newman and Ross Smith

Marie Cope Nicholson

Marriette Norbom

Wayne and Terry Jana Norlin

North Branch Friends Meeting

Geoffrey and Clare Nunes

Fran and Robert Nye

Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends

Jonathan Ottke and Tamara Turner-Ottke

Paula Palmer

Jean Patterson

Jason and Elisha Polk

Sheela Porter-Smith

Cynthia Potter

Thomas Power

John and Mary Ellen Preston

Anne and Douglas Puryear

Quaker Hill Foundation

William Read

Jane and Fred Reynolds

Jim and Phebe Richards

Wayne Richter and Monica Raveret-Richter

Dean and Kathy Rojek

Steven and Jan Rood-Ojalvo

Lynne Rosselli and Phyllis Turrill

Sue and John Roth

Richard and Lenn Rubin

John Rudolph

Joseph and Barbara Rutledge

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Sue and John Sales

Al and Leah Sanders

Santa Barbara Friends Meeting

Sarah Sargent and Ron Mumme

Susan Schaefer

Mattie Schmitt and Mike Farrell

Lynda Schneekloth and Bob Shibley

Alexander and Anne Scott

Steve Scrimshaw and Megan Hall

Bryan and Michelle Seith

Jim Sherer

Richard and Mary Sidwell

Bob and Leni Skarin

Dawn Smith

Don Elton Smith

Solebury Monthly Meeting of Friends

Ruby Steigerwald and Jamie Buss

Ann Stokes

Mary Lou Surgi

Nona Taylor

Andre Theisen

Bob and Nana Trostle

Jim Trostle and Lynn Morgan

John and Sue Trostle

William and Gladys Trzcinski

Joan Tucker

Vic Vaughen and Janet Wallace

Harold and Alice Vedova

Val Vickers

Annie Waits

Dorothy Warrington

Timothy Watkins

Henry and Mary Weaver

Perry and Debbie Wilder

Mark and Diane Wiley

Janney and Jean Wilson

John Winston

Ruth Witt

Janet Worsham

Beth and Joe Wray

Mike and Ruth Yarrow

Michael Zander and Holly Downing

Thank you to those of you who have given to the Monteverde Friends U.S. University Scholarship Fund since our July 2010 appeal.

Paul Holloway

Jacqueline Gordon

Richard and Gail Grossman

Adair Mali and Antonio Guindon

Dorothea and William Heisler

Barbara Merle-Smith

Sam Merrill

Whitney Suttell

Katy VanDusen

Deborah Wood

Thank you to the following people and institutions that have given to the Andy Walker Memorial Fund.  Andy’s family, the school and the Monteverde Friends Meeting decided together to use these funds to improve the playing fields behind the school.  Work began in early April. Check on the homepage of this site to see pictures of the work in progress!

George and Cynthia Avdey

Erica Battaglia

Charles and Winona Blackwell


Cheryl Brodaski

Gavin and Angela Callaway

Margaret Canavan and Stan Blazyk

Sally Chapman

George Cisneros

Jay and Randi Coen-Gilbert

Matthew Cole and Kimberly Miller

Paul and Elizabeth Cushman

Roy and Fanny De Gesero

Kathleen DiNatale

Doris Erwin

James and Mary Jane Erwin

Cathy Falter

Bev and John Frannea

James and Gisela Frannea

Michael Frannea

Laura and Peter Freeman

Bob Funck

Olivia and Marcus Gann

David and Kathleen Gherlein

Judy Glaister and RR Orange, Jr.

Allene Goldman

Vance and Lisa Greene

Debra Hamilton

Thomas Hamilton and Beverly Doherty

Don Henderson

John and Lindy Hood

Elizabeth Hostler (who gave proceeds from her paintings sold to  Nicolette Smith, Michael and Janet Jenkins, and Margaret Adelman)

Pamela Houston

Houston Ladies Tennis Association

Jane and Geary Hufstedler

Ward Kane and Moira Thiele

James and Deborah Keppler

Nancy Kim

Lee and Marchetta Kleb

Charles and Sarah Knotts

Michelle and Tony Knoerzer

Joseph Liss and Lara Leniton

GB and Dave Litchfield

Steve and Eileen Litchfield

Elizabeth Lowell

Dora Lucero

Sarah Lyke

Mark and Anna-Marie Maggio

Sybilla Mason

Janet and David McCrum

Beverly Milne

Kathy Misak and Rod Geers

Mardi Mitchell

Valerie Moyar

Daniel and Regina Najjar

David and Judy Nydes

Elias and Mary Newswanger

Deb Penn and Barbara Thompson

Susan Laura Persons

Stratton Ray

Marino and Andrea Serra

Veronica Sheehan

Paula Bridges Silverman

Don Smalligan and Mary Kenyon

Roy Joe and Ruth Stuckey

Sandra Smith Sullivan

Paul and Teri Swanson

Eugene Sydoriak

Amy and Joe Taylor

John and Sue Trostle

Vic Uhrenholdt

Unitarian Universalist Church of Hot Springs

Eric and Pat van den Beemt

Katy VanDusen

Louhannah Walker

Sallie Waters

Pete Young

Priscilla and Matthew Young

Thank you to the following people who have given to the 2011 Monteverde Friends School Walkathon.  We are sorry that this list is not complete.  Keeping track of Walkathon sponsors is challenging. Please let us know whom we have missed.

Barbara Anderson

Paul Angell

John Blount

John Bower

Linda Certo and Bill Jolly

Kay Chornook

Mike Crump

Murtha and Eugene Derr

William Deverell

Michelle Escudero and Scott Kane

Sarah Dowell

Bev and John Frannea

Maria Griswold

Lucky Guindon

Georgia and Richard Haynie

Kurt Johnson and Ellen Sales-Johnson

Francis Joyce

Rachel Kane

Shirley Kane

Deb Ostergren

Carolyn Quinn

Kirsten Quinn

Gina Russo

Kenna Manos

Richard Mera

Barbara Merle-Smith

Susie Newswanger

Carmen Phillips

Mark Pinney and Laura Kane

Familia Quesada Ruiz

Mary Rockwell

James Safranek and Julie Leader

Elsa Sanchez

Annette Schaefer

David and Alexandra Schaefer

Charlie Schippers

Alan Shusterman

Ross Smith and Lynsey Newman

Olive Stanbond

Roy Joe Stuckey

Katy VanDusen

Louhanna Walker

James Warren

Diane and John Wentworth

John Wood


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