Art Auction

Congratulations to all those of you who are taking these works of art home! We will be contacting you to provide payment & delivery information.

¡Felicidades a quienes podrán llevarse estas obras de arte a sus casas! Les contactaremos con información sobre pagar y la entrega.

Bullpen Leaner, Lucky Guindon, 2010, pen and ink, 30 x 22 cm. Will go to Stephen Yarnell for $200

Flower, Stella Wallace, 2006, oil on canvas, 39 x 30 cm. Will go to Marco Wallace for $80

Monteverde Friends School and Meetinghouse, Paul Smith, 2011, oil on canvas, about 80 x 50 cm. Will go to Lynsey Newman for $300

Below the Canopy, Sarah Dowell, watercolor, 57 x 37 cm. Will go to Colin Yarnell for $175

Acrylic painting by Patricia Jiménez, 2011. 55 x 76 cm. Will go to Holly Gosse for $200

Watercolor by Bertalía Rodriguez. 49.5 by 35.5 cm w/out the matting. Includes frame if you want it. Will go to Harriet Joslin for $100

Lunch for two at Café Caburé

Lunch, by Susana Salas, for two at Café Caburé. Stay tuned for details on the menu. Will go to Sarah Stuckey for $30

¿Vendrán las lluvias?

¿Vendrán las lluvias?/Will the Rains Come?, Helena Guindon, 2009, acrylic, 31 x 20 cm. Will go to Martha Campbell for $100

sterling silver pendant with natural print of a Monteverde butterfly wing and a fire opal of Australia. By Marie-Chantal Nadeau. Will go to Sonia Montiel for $75

untitled, Roberto Wesson, oil on canvas, 35 x 39 cm. Will go to Seleña Avendaño for $65

Red tropicbird, Meg Wallace, 2006, watercolor on canvas, 27 x 41cm, framed. Will go to Mary and Elias Newswanger for $75

Will be named once it is id'd, Meg Wallace, watercolor on canvas, 36 x 45 cm, includes frame. Will go to Marco Wallace for $75

8 Tarjetas hecha por Joan Martha, mostradas aqui en la dirreción de las manillas del reloj: “In the Bullpen, Monteverde”, “Rio Shanti”, “El Bosque Monteverde”, “Cielo Azul”. Tenemos 3 juegos de 8 tarjetas. Precio base para cada juego: ¢5000. I packet will go to Lynsey Newman for ¢10,000 (Lynsey Smith), & 2 packets will go to Lissa & Mac McBurney for $50.

Vista del arbol, 22x 31.5 cm, Tarcicio Castillo, 2011. Will go to Lynore Soffer for $120

67 responses to “Art Auction

  1. I would like to submit a $60 bid for this beautiful drawing. As a former volunteer at MFS, I am proud of all of you sitting in the canopy and am sending you support from New York City.

  2. I would like to bid $65 for the Lucky Guindon!

    love y’all! I hope you reach your goal!

  3. Clarification: Dori’s bid was also for Lucky’s. Dori, do you want to up your bid?

  4. Sure. To MFS students achieving amazing things – $75.

  5. Jannelle Wilkins and Rick Mera bid on Paul’s painting after sunrise meeting this morning: $60!

  6. Clarabeth, Roo and Lynsey

    Godspeed on your trip to Canada Paul. Thank you for the gift of the painting you donated! I hope we win it to hang in our home on Orcas Island!
    Regardless, know that you and Monteverde have found a place of home in our hearts. Monteverde Friends School and Meeting House Painting Bid $100

  7. Hi,
    I would like to bid $60 for the Sarah Dowell painting (though they are all beautiful).

  8. There is anonymous bid for $80 on Lucky Guindon’s fig tree drawing!

  9. Wow, now that the rainy season is upon us, I am truly moved by the effect of the cloud forest. Sarah, this watercolor is what I call “mistycal” it shows true life as we see it and I love the feelings it evokes in me….Marie Cecile forgive me! Bid- $70


  10. No one has bid on Bertalia’s beautiful painting?!? I will start at $60

  11. I would like to bid $100 on Lucky’s pen and ink and $100 on Sarah’s watercolor! Beautiful artwork both of you! I would love to gave them in my house!

  12. First bid for Patricia’s painting: $60 anonymous bid.
    Patricia’s painting will be at exhibition at the Eco Fest, tomorrow May 1st and will be exhibited at the Friends School Meetinghouse starting on Monday.

  13. Bertalia’s painting is also calling to me! Upping the bid to $70 :)

  14. Harriet Joslin

    I want to up the bid for Sarah Dowell’s gorgeous water color to $125.

  15. Jessi Metter

    What are the sizes of the Sarah Dowell and Patricia Jimenez paintings?

    • Thanks for the question, Jessi! Patricia’s acrylic is 22 x 30″. It’s mostly been done with a spatula.

    • Katy VanDusen

      And Sarah’s painting is 57 cm wide by 37 cm tall. Sorry not to have included these figures in the first place!

  16. Bertalia Rodriguez

    Me gustaría ofrecer $150 para el de Pablo Smith./I would like to offer $150 for Pablo’s painting.

  17. Sarah Stuckey

    Harriet- I am going to up the bid on Sarah’s watercolor to $135. Sorry!

  18. Lynore Soffer

    -I would like to up my bid for Sarah’s watercolor to $150 – I am truly moved by it…forgive me MC, Harriet & Sarah

    What a fantastic cause right!!!

  19. ! Tienes razón Lynore!
    ! Un gran causa de verdad!
    Así Bertalia, lo siento, pero yo voy a aumentar mi oferta en la pintura de Pablo a 200. GRACIAS a todos los que van a donar, hacer una oferta, y escribir en el blog! Sólo tenemos 11 días más para ir! Pura Vida!

  20. $60 on Stella’s flower!

  21. Sarah Stuckey

    I BID $30 for the meal for two at Caburé. Yummy!

  22. Harriet Joslin

    I want to up the bid on Bertalia’s painting to $100–Carol, I trust you won’t mind. Or if you do…..

  23. I would like to bid $100 on Helena Guindon’s “Will the Rains Come”

  24. Thank you Katy for hanging up all of the Artwork in the Meeting room! The Louvre has got some competition. I wanted to step into painting and onto the path to see what was around the bend on Patricia’s piece….so I’ll bid $100 to try and find out!

  25. Sebatian Jurado

    Me encanta ese dije yo pongo

  26. Andrés Vargas

    $50??? Van $60! Lo quiero!

  27. Andrés Vargas

    Para el dije de Marie!

  28. Sebastian Jurado

    $61 por el de Marie! Me encanta ese dije!

  29. Marco Wallace

    I would like to bid $185 for Paul Smiths painting.

  30. Marco Wallace

    Sorry did not see that Pauls painting was at $200 I would like to bid $225

  31. So nice to hear from you, Marco!!!

  32. Barbara Merle-Smith

    Hello Monteverde, This is a wonderful site and celebration. Sorry I’m not there. I would like to up the bid on Sarah’s painting to $160.

  33. I’ll start the bid on Roberto Wesson’s, 65$! This auction is great!

  34. Sarah Stuckey

    $110 on Patricia’s painting. The on-line photo hadly does it justice!

  35. José L. Vargas

    Saludos Marco!!
    I offer $235,00 for Paul Smith’s painting.
    José L. Vargas

  36. Elias & Mary

    So many lovely paintings! We’ll offer $75 for Meg’s wonderful Red tropicbird.

  37. Marco Wallace

    Like to bid on Stellas painting $80

  38. Lynore Soffer

    Hmm, I saw Patricia’s artwork in the meeting house last Saturday. It truly is more beautiful than on-line! I love it! my bid- $120

  39. Sarah Stuckey

    Lynore-I’m uping the Bid on Patricia’s painting to $130!

  40. Sarah Stuckey

    I’ll start the BID on Megs “non id’d” painting at $ 70

  41. Lynore and Sarah,
    Sounds like that path in Patricia’s painting was beckoning you in as well!
    It truly is enchanting hanging there in the Meeting Room!
    Game On Girls! :) $150

  42. We have an anonymous bid on Lucky’s pen and ink for $125. Sorry, Sarah!

  43. Pongo $70 para el pendant de Marie Chantal. Te reto, Sonia!

  44. Sarah Stuckey

    $130 on Lucky’s pen and ink.

    $240 on Paul Smith’s. Sorry José Luis!

  45. The paintings are all gorgeous! I am enchanted with Patricia’s painting and I would like to bid $200.

  46. José L. Vargas

    I offer $250 for Paul’s painting

  47. Another anonymous bid on Lucky’s Bull Pen Leaner: $135

  48. Sarah Stuckey

    $145 for Lucky’s pen and ink.

  49. First bid on Tarcicio’s Vista al Árbol: $65 anonymous

  50. Elizabeth Hostler

    $160 for Lucky’s pen and ink, por favor! Love to all.

  51. 75$ for Tarcicio’s vista al arbol. it is beautiful!

  52. Sarah Stuckey

    $ 170 for Lucky’s. It’s too beautiful .

    $260 for Paul Smith’s. Jose Luis if you want it you’re going to have to up you bid!

  53. I’d like to bid $80 for Tarcicio’s and $180 for Lucky’s

  54. As the earth was quakin’ yesterday, Maddy, Clarabeth and I were swinging from VanDusen platform! THANK YOU for sharing it with all of us VanDusen’s! AND!! THANK YOU!!! to all who have put so much heart and soul into this campaign! We bid $300 on Paul’s painting.

  55. Stephen Yarnell

    $200 for Lucky’s pen and ink.

  56. I really like ¨Below the Canopy¨ and will bid $175

  57. Acepto el reto, Carol, $75 por dije de Marie y me lo dejo!

  58. I bid $85 for vista al arbol!

  59. Katy había tarjetas de Joan de Martha en la reunión de hoy y son hermosos! Voy oferta 10.000 colones. Hay 3 paquetes que contienen 8 cartas cada uno .. lo que más quiere hacer una oferta? La subasta termina a las 11:59 de esta noche así que date prisa! :)

    Katy had Joan Martha’s cards in Meeting today and they are beautiful!! I’ll bid 10,000 colones. There are 3 packs that contain 8 cards each.. so who else wants to bid? The auction is over at 11:59 tonight so hurry!! :)

    • Yes! There are cards! But only one pack is left….. Mac and Lissa McBurney took 2 packs today for $25 each…. I can probably get more from Joan if others want them.

  60. Lynore Soffer

    Love Vista al Arbol, my bid- $120 !!!!

  61. Marco Wallace

    Like to bid on Megs non Id”d painting $75

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